Webinar Feedback

Course : Business English Specialization
Location : Baidyabati
Posted On : 17-03-2023
Webinar was helpful in knowing the tactics

Anirban Chatterjee
Course : TEFL
Location : West Bengal
Posted On : 17-03-2023
The session was extremely informative about different aspects of application for jobs.

Hima Raj N
Location : Thrissur
Posted On : 17-03-2023
Very good experience. I got more confidence and clarifications in this field.

Dondor Albert Lyngdoh
Course : 120 Hours International Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program.
Location : Shillong, India.
Posted On : 14-03-2023
It was a very interesting webinar for me personally. Especially since it has been more than 10 years since I last made a resume. To learn about new things that are required in today s job requirements was quite informative. And it shows that we always have to learn and grow.

Course : TEFL
Location : Vepery
Posted On : 10-02-2023
It was very useful and the way shared her experience and ideas are very helpful.thanks a lot.

Archana Bekal
Course : ITD
Location : Singapore
Posted On : 10-02-2023
I found it very informative. Thank you very much!

Sai Rakshaya Sowmya S
Location : Madurai
Posted On : 10-02-2023
The session was informative and organized. The host of the webinar was pleasant. All of our queries were addressed even if we had just dropped a question in the chat box.

Rohan Arora
Location : Delhi
Posted On : 10-02-2023
It was a well organized session with clear and fathomable details/instructions.

Course : 120 hrs TEFL
Location : Thenthiruperai
Posted On : 16-01-2023
Very helpful please arrange more classes like this on how to attend an interview

Phebe beryl babu
Course : TEFL/tesol
Location : Hosur
Posted On : 16-01-2023
This webinar was really useful and i have learnt a lot on how to attend interviews and write resume. Thanks shruba mam.

Barnali Paul
Course : 400 hour International Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL and TEFL
Location : Kolkata
Posted On : 16-01-2023
Very informative.

Ramdas Mahali
Course : TESOL/TEFL 500
Location : Musabani, Jharkhand
Posted On : 16-01-2023
It was enthusiastic and the information provided to us was lucrative and is going to help us a lot to proceed further.

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